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"I can read ASL! What's your superpower?"

Did you know there is a Deaf Culture?

On October 11, 2022, Building Love Amongst Cultures presented:

"I can read ASL! What's your superpower?" A Deaf and Hard of Hearing Awareness Community Event.


I can read American Sign Language (ASL)

Our panelists are a part of the Deaf community to some degree. Did you know that capital "D" in Deaf and lowercase "d" in deaf have some significance? 

We learned the meaning signifies true hearing loss or partial hearing loss, i.e. Hard of Hearing. 

We enjoyed listening to our panelists tell their stories and explain to us common misconceptions they undergo in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. 

The resources our panelists provided gave us insight into how to properly communicate with the Deaf community and build a sense of belonging. It's about INCLUSION. Yes! We learned ASL, the alphabet, and a few common phrases. 

How can we support the Deaf community? Play a game of charades, and understand the art of the expressive language of ASL. This world caters to hearing people. Approach as if they were a hearing person. Do you have an interpreter present, look at the person, NOT the interpreter. We all have different abilities, some more profound than others. 

Learn some simple sign language to communicate with others.

Advocate having more ASL programs in our schools. Make it more accessible.  

Attended the event, send your feedback to email:


Click to view footage of the event

Meet The Panelist

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