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BLAC sponsored event
December 5 @ 3pm, Lombard
National Indo-American Museum

BLAC is Building Love Amongst Cultures...

On December 5th, from 3:30-5pm BLAC is sponsored an event called "Expositions of Transformations" hosted by the National Indo-American Museum (NIAM). 

This program was presented by Natya Dance Theater and featured three senior dancers who performed interpretations of three different artists exhibited at the museum. 

There was presentations in front of the exhibits, followed by dance performances that depicted the artwork. This event was a part of NIAM's continuing series of programs under E/Merge: Art of the Indian Diaspora. 

If you attended the event please Simply email us at your experience. 



"Expositions of Transformations


NIAM thanks BLAC!

Senior Dancer Vidya Govind performs

Dancers Prarthana Prashanth and Parvarthi Achari performs "Roots"

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