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"We must appreciate the opportunity for cultural diversity as it is essential for our coexistence.  This organization was started to help raise awareness for diversity and inclusion in the community through discussion, educational events, arts, fitness, etc.” 

Kaveria Lezza is Founder and CEO of Building Love Amongst Cultures, a non profit organization dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion awareness through educational and social events. Kaveria is also the Assistant Coach of the College of DuPage (COD) Women's Basketball Team. Prior to coaching at COD, Kaveria worked 10 years in the manufacturing industry. Her most recent position was Industrialization Engineer at a medical device company. Raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Kaveria attended high school in the area and participated in military and community programs throughout the city. 

Kaveria was brought up in an African American home where education was very important and taught to be powerful. After graduating from high school, Kaveria received her Bachelor’s of Science degree from Clarke University. During her collegiate career she assessed invaluable knowledge and experiences on building a diverse and inclusive community. She launched the campus first BLACK (Building Love Amongst Cultures for Knowledge) Student Union (BSU) at her private, Catholic university, where she was 1 of few African American students. BLACK’s mission was to increase awareness on topics related to race, cultural diversity, and inclusion. While the president of the BSU, Kaveria and her team led programs and events that increased educational awareness on diversity and inclusion: discussion forums, children events, along with racial and political affairs.


Years passed after Kaveria launched the University’s BSU. Post George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and riots that dismantled our community. Kaveria felt compelled to facilitate change. In this, she launched nonprofit organization that she perceived would benefit the community. In March 2021, Kaveria organized Building Love Amongst Cultures as a nonprofit 501(c)3 with great support from her community, family, and friends. “I want to see more of the community exposed to the same opportunity and experiences I had while growing up in diverse and inclusive environments. There’s an uncalled for stereotype amongst demographics that stems from the perception from people where not many cultures have exposure too. Let’s educate ourselves and form our own experiences with different cultures”. With her own personal encounter with life’s unfortunate circumstances with racism and her experiences of understanding the importance of education and consciousness, it is her desire to take part and Build Love Amongst Cultures.

To learning more about BLAC visit us at Like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @Building Love Amongst Cultures


Kaveria Lezza

Founder/CEO, BLAC


Johannah is serving in the role of Vice President for Building Love Amongst Cultures. She is a passionate teacher, artist, mother, and community member. These passions, along with her experience as a Japanese-American woman, have led her to becoming an activist with the goal of creating a community in which diversity is not only accepted but also celebrated. She also serves on her school's Equity board. Johannah is excited about all that our community can accomplish together. 

Johannah Tomita-Martin

Vice President, BLAC


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