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Our Services

There really is no reason to wait when it comes to changing workplace and community culture. Discover some of the great programs and initiatives we lead at BLAC, and see how we can help make a difference in the lives of people in the community, schools, and workplace. For more information, get connected with us.

Education & Faciliation

Impact through conversations. 

Discover ways to build a more diverse and inclusive community - Learning, practice, accountability. Set goals to shift mindset and behavior. Celebrate growth and change with an accountability partner. 

*Virtual or In-Person*

Keynote & Speaker Panels

Transitions through storytelling. 

Focused and poignant stories are told to challenge mindsets and theoretical normalities. From personal development to organizational management, hear how talking about the impact makes a difference on work, relationships, and communities. 

*Virtual or In-Person*

Choose from the following topics related to: 

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Cultural Competency

  • Stereotyping and Bias

  • Understanding Privilege

Basketball Training Skill Development

Impact through sports and fitness. 

Throughout my career as a qualified instructor, I’ve gained an understanding of how to work with people of all skill levels and learning styles. My personalized lessons, along with my passion to teach others, have proven successful with a wide variety of clients. Interested in how I can help you? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Community Highlight

Highlight your community.

Assist in the development of strategies to promote community brand awareness by featuring the positivity of your community. Using initiatives such as event and festival planning using local vendors, entertainment, and establishments. From planning, coordinating, organizing, and facilitating volunteers and suppliers, and community requests. Develop marketing programs communication and marketing strategies to highlight your community.



 *Virtual or In-Person*

Contact Kaveria Lezza at to learn more about the services offered.

Good news in the neigborhood!


Johannah, Volunteer

"Our community wants and needs this!"

Julie & Ken, Volunteer

"It was great to just meet up and talk with people. I also had never been to the Sheldon Peck house, so it was cool to tour that and learn more about the history."

Anonymous, Volunteer

"This was great. There is a lot of interest"

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