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Artist :
Victor Emanuel Lezza III

"Art traces back to the earliest means of communication. Art is one tool that allows us to express our inner most feelings of love, passion, sorrow, honor, and fantasy. Even our darkest moments can be released threw a stroke of a pencil. Today, art has healing properties that both the creator as well as the eye viewing it can feel!"

                                                        Victor E. Lezza III

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Lombard, IL

Victor E Lezza III

Victor is a 3rd generation Italian-American Chicago native and son/ grandson of the founders of Lezza Spumoni and Desserts Inc..  A Retired - Army Wartime Veteran that merely illustrates life through all sorts of mediums such as pencil, pen, oil, acrylic and basically any material to create the image. He's traveled the world capturing moments of his adventures within every art piece he creates. His creativity debuts his journey through actual experiences from living in Chicago, deploying to Afghanistan and roaming the streets of Kuwait or simply vacationing. Victor uses different mediums such as acrylic, oils, charcoal, watercolor, graphite, ink, and digital art by using his iPad to create images that he has mentally stored away in his head. Clients have commissioned him to recreate a memory or image such as pets, architecture (sentimental images of a past home), recreating love ones for gifts of life, and more.

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