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Soapy Roads of Lombard


'Soap with a Clean Conscience

                                                     Soapy Roads of Lombard 

Lombard, Illinois

Brooke and Joseph Bingaman

"We are a husband and wife soap-maker team. We met in 2017 as independent soapmakers. Naturally, we shared recipes and then made soap together on our second date. 

We love sharing the story of how we met because our company is a love story. Our business principles are rooted and guided by LOVE. Our love for our family, our community at large, and our love for this planet we call home -- and our obligation to provide safer products for our bodies. 

Our slogan is, 'Soap with a Clean Conscience' because we feel it is our duty to make a soap that is better for you and better for the environment. We pride ourselves on painstakingly sourcing the best ingredients we can find. We are committed to using organic, sustainable, and ethically-sourced raw materials. And, eliminating the use of plastics/single use plastics wherever we can."


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